Why Your Affirmations Don’t Work &What To Do Instead

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With personal development coaches and speakers such as Tony Robins growing, their knowledge and education have made affirmations become popular.

Everyone now knows that if you want to improve your thoughts, you have to change how you speak about your life.

Affirmations are powerful words you use to change your thoughts from scarcity to abundance. Practicing this method has been proven to change people’s lives completely.

I also use affirmations as a coping mechanism when I begin to doubt myself. It helps me completely wipe out toxic thoughts all the time.

Even though affirmations have the ability to change your thoughts, it’s also important to know how to use them correctly in order to see effective results

This is why in this post I’ll be sharing tips to effectively use affirmations

How To Use Affirmations

Use affirmations That Are Positive and Still Honest and Relatable To Your Story

Affirmations need to be written with honesty and something that you directly relate to. If your affirmations are not real, they will be ineffective in your life and you will most likely give up speaking them. This actually happened to me so I know.

Unrealistic affirmations can create resistance. Affirmations are not magic spells where you say a positive sentence and things happen overnight, it doesn’t work like that.

Affirmations take time to work because you are trying to change thoughts you’ve been dealing with for years and a sentence won’t change your thoughts around an issue in your life, It can only work if there are honesty and an acknowledgment of something you truly have experience with.

For example, saying I am a millionaire when you know damn well that your account is about to be suspended is literally lying to your self than an affirmation. Of course, the statement is positive and goal-driven but it’s not honest to your current truth.

The right way to make affirmation work is going from

“I am Always Broke!”

Ineffective Affirmations: “I Am A Millionaire”

The correct way to do it: “My Finances may not be in shape right now, and that’s ok but financial abundance is Possible for me as I am finding ways and resources that are leading me into financial growth”

Another example is going from

“I hate my Job”

Ineffective Affirmation: I love my job, I enjoy waking up in the morning to go to my workplace”

The right affirmation: “I may have challenges at my workplace, and that’s fine, I am grateful to have a job, and I am so much closer to my next great job and best colleagues”

When you use your affirmation this way, your thoughts will completely change. I know this from experience, I failed at affirmations before and gave up on them, and used this method when I worked on my blog and I saw quick results. I started to see progress within weeks than the two years I’ve been trying to work on my blog.

Practice Them Throughout The Day

The second step is also important. I used to write affirmations and only practice them in the morning when I start my day and at night when I go to sleep, and the rest of the day I would spend it wining on how broke I was, how unemployment is growing, and how other people were so “lucky in life” no wonder I wasn’t seeing positive results.

Practice positive affirmations so much, that there won’t be room for negativity in your life

Affirmations are meant to be practiced throughout the day (if possible even in your sleep), Your mind should be occupied with positive thoughts only.

Practice positive affirmations so much, that there won’t be room for negativity.

We live in a world where people are opinionated and some opinions are great, some are bad, but others are toxic. So when you practice affirmations throughout the day, you protect your brain from those negative comments.

Use Affirmations To Work On One Area Of Your Life At A Time

The last step to make your affirmations work is working on one area in your life at a time.

A lot of people fail at these, because our brain functions in two ways, it either wants to be comfortable and do nothing or wants to work on multiple things at a time, that’s why it can store so much information and still work so well.

If you want to see results in your affirmations, one of the skills you need is focus. If you use affirmations to work on multiple goals instead of just one goal you will get overwhelmed and eventually not see results.

Focusing on multiple goals will overwhelm you. You’ll always move around one thing without seeing results.

What are the common causes of working on multiple things at one time



Failure to plan

What you need to do is create a list of thoughts you want to change, and give yourself 30 or 90 days (choose what works for you) to work on one thing at a time. That’s how you will see results.

Do not work on any other affirmations if you haven’t completely achieved the current one.