How To Stop Living In Fear Of Your Past Failures…

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Do you often live in fear of failing in life because of your past misfortunes?

If your answer is yes, that means you’ve hit rock bottom before and it’s possible that you’re still dealing with the aftermath of your past failures.

As much as failure teaches us lessons in life, it also leaves us with scars that remind us of our past experiences and those scars can sometimes spike fear and doubt in ourselves.

However, all hope is not gone, because in this post you will learn steps that’ll help you to turn your scars into beauty marks.

Signs That You Struggle With The Fear Of Failure

You don’t celebrate your successes and achievements

You doubt your dreams

Don’t believe in impossible goals

You doubt your worth

You struggle from Insecurities

You don’t celebrate peoples success

You always see the negatives in every situation

Not living in the moment

You always make safe decisions

Write Down All The Lessons From Your Past Failures (And Speak Them Out)

When you struggle with negative thoughts and have fear about failing again in life, capture those thoughts by speaking out all the lessons you have learned from your past experiences.

You’ll always win when you use this strategy. Negative thoughts won’t torment you anymore. They will come at times but they won’t have an effect on you when you speak out your lessons.

Always have a journal to write down where you are now and how far you’ve come. Speak them louder than negative thoughts.

Find people that have succeeded from failures and study them

Find stories of people that have experienced rock bottom and got back. Study their lives and use their experiences as motivation.

There are a lot of successful people like Oprah Winfrey that have failed and made it again. Use them as inspiration and apply their steps and watch your thoughts transform.

Speak Highly About Your Future Self

Speak highly of your future self. Have positive affirmations about your future. That’s how you get rid of the fear of failing again in life during your success moments.

Usually, fear of failing in life when you’re supposed to be celebrating your success moments is caused by having doubts about your future. So when you speak highly of your future self, your emotions will be transformed and your emotions will spike positive actions and you’ll eventually have positive results in life.

As long you live, you need to accept the fact that you’ll fail at some point in your life and that’s ok. You shouldn’t fear failure because failure is only an opportunity for you to grow and learn and also serve people from your experiences and lessons.

Always remind yourself that people don’t fail, the only time you fail is when you quit.

Remember if you did before, you can do it again and this time you’re doing it with more wisdom.

Choose to see things from a positive perspective always, failure only gives you a room to transform your life.