Steps To Believe In Yourself Even If You Lack Support From Family And Friends…

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Do you have goals in life but lack support from your family? It is difficult to believe in yourself when people around you don’t support your dreams’

When you lack support from your family, it’s easy to get discouraged from pursuing your goals and this can leave you with resentment and a lack of trust in them. It’s also possible that when you lack support from them, you can do a lot of self-sabotage

This is why you have to learn to believe in yourself whether people around you support you or not.

So in this case, let’s look at 5 tips on how you can believe in yourself even if you lack support from your family.

When you don’t feel support from your family or friends you first need to ask yourself these questions

What makes me think I’m not supported?

Am I coming from a place of facts or assumptions?

Does my success depend on other people’s support?

Compassion Vs Anger

Making decisions out of love

Explaining to your family when they ask questions

Addressing offensive comments from love and not anger

Making Decision Out Of Hate

Being passive-aggressive

When you are eager to prove people wrong out of fear and not faith

How To Believe In Your Self Even If You Lack Support

Join Online Communities

Join Facebook Communities and you’ll realize how much you relate with people in your experiences

Find Support From Online Friends

Find friends on the internet that do the same things you do but always make sure that you create friendships from love and not selfish motives (because when you’re frustrated, it’s so easy to try to get help looking at what’s in it for me ) Change things up and create a relationship by helping others, promoting and supporting other people in their businesses and you’ll get noticed.

Find Mentors Who Specialize In Your Business

There are mentors online that have succeeded with what you currently do. Find them and follow in their footsteps, invest in their courses and coaching services. Ask questions and seek help from them and stay inspired despite the lack of support from your family.

Lean On God

Leaning on God will help you stay positive and motivated when nobody believes in your online dreams. This might turn off certain people but when you lean on God and prayer it can help you stay strong and hopeful when you doubt yourself.

Do What You Love

Things get easy when you do what you enjoy. You will have no expectations from people but yourself when you truly enjoy what you do.

Bottom line

You are responsible for yourself. You shouldn’t base your success or failures on anyone’s support

The only expectations you should have are from yourself only.

Remember your family’s responsibility is to give you love. See things from a positive perspective and know that what they are doing is enough because they don’t know any better.

You can do it on your own. As long as you continue to work hard and never give up.

XoXo Emma Sesh