I Aspire To Inspire Through My Pen!

Finding MY Voice…

The whole of this week I have been struggling to convince my self to get off the couch, stop watching too much T.v and just  go to my blog and write posts! I guess the drag comes from the fact that ONE, I do not exactly know my niche, TWO, I am still afraid due to the fact that I ACTUALLY HAVE A BLOG and Now its time for work […]

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  Emotional eating is a subject that is never really talked about on its own yet it affects most of us. Firstly what we need to know is that emotional eating is a disorder and according to kidshealth.org  it is defined as a intake of food in response to negative emotions and it is  usually used as a tool or strategy to cope with negative feelings. Anyone who has experienced  emotional […]

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Celebs that were celibate till marriage.

This is the first post of what I call on my blog Celebrity Friday. Inspirational stories about celebrities that I share with my readers and this week it covers a topic that is close to my heart, and inspires me so much as a young modern woman. CELEB COUPLES WHO WERE CELIBATE  TILL MARRIAGE. CIARA AND RUSSELL WILSON After cheating scandals and a very public break up with her baby […]

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How to find your passion and purpose

  we all know the challenge we always face in life, whether you are a primary school going to high school, or a high school going to university or college to workplace and also life in general, there one question we all ask our selves daily, which is; what is my purpose or passion on this earth? or what is my calling ? While some people have always known (though […]

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FINALLY I have a Blog.

  After several months of pondering, visualizing and talking about creating a blog, I am excited to finally say I have a blog yayy!!! They say actions speaks louder than words, and that is why I finally created this blog. I have been making excuses, scared (from reading long established, successful blogs) thinking am I late? and kept postponing this blog from the day the thought of it captured my […]

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