My Top 5 Personal Development Podcasts That’ll Transform Your Life

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Podcasts have the power to improve the quality of your life and thoughts.

This is why most successful people (especially millionaires ) are reported to be listening to at least one personal development podcast/ audiobook as part of their morning or daily routine.

That’s because Podcasts help you recharge and refocus, especially when you’re overwhelmed with a lot of things to do.

I love podcasts wholeheartedly and listen to one daily, because of how productive I get when I start my day by listening to it.

Podcasts can change the way you feel about your self and below I’m sharing my top 5 personal development podcast that’ll help you transform your life.

Design Your Dream Life by Natalie Bacon

This is my favorite if not the best podcats I recommend. Natalie Bacon’s podcast helps you design your dream life by applying some of her actionable tips. Her topics include money mindset, relationships, online businesses, and how to master your mindset.

Fun fact: Natalie Bacon quit her job as a lawyer, became a certified financial planner to being a 7 figure online business

Redefining Wealth by Patrice Washington

This podcast will change the way you look at wealth. I love this podcast because I stumbled upon it by luck and have since been obsessed. She explains how you should chase purpose and not money if you want long-lasting wealth. If you want to find purpose, fulfillment, and prosperity, I recommend you add redefining wealth as one of your podcasts.

Fun fact: Patrice went from $18000 in debt to creating a 7 figure business. She goes on a weekly segment as a personal finance expert on the Steve Harvey show.

Manifestation Babe by Kathrin Zenkina

This podcast is one of my favorites because of my love for the law of attraction. This podcast helps you achieve your dreams by using the power of your mind. She talks you into using your subconscious mind to work for you. Her topics include manifestation and mindset.

Marie Forleo Podcast by Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is named by Oprah as the thought leader of the next generation. I not only love Marie’s podcast but enjoy the personal and business advice she shares on her youtube channel. Her podcast helps you create the business and the life you want. She helps you become the person you most want to be and her topics include success, creativity, motivation, productivity with business and career advice.

Think and Grow Chick by Courtney Sanders

This podcast touches on topics such as entrepreneurship, lifestyle, finances, and personal growth, and spirituality. What I love about Courtney’s podcast is that she shares some of her experiences with her audience while inspiring you with stories from her guests. This is a podcast you should listen to if you actively want to pursue your goals.