Morning Habits Of Highly successful people #MorningHabits #MorningRoutine #Habits

6 Morning Habits Of Highly Successful People

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Do you ever find yourself waking up in the morning and the first thing you do is scroll through social media for hours?

And the next thing you know, you’ve wasted a lot of time and now you struggle to be productive.

This is a bad habit to implement even though we sometimes don’t intentionally choose to be lazy.

Scientifically our brains are wired to enjoy doing nothing, so scrolling through social media and doing nothing productive is what our brain wants. This behavior is not healthy for our emotional health. Being lazy and doing nothing is pleasurable especially when you’re trying to distress

However, the issue with this behavior is that you end up not achieving any of your desired goals and this stops your personal growth.

This is why you need to create and maintain a morning routine to ensure that you have a productive and successful life.

In order to have a productive day here are 5-morning habits of highly successful people

Listen To Podcast

I used to wake up to social media first thing in the morning and I would waste an hour or 2 just watching peoples lives and became so depressed because the pressures from social media made me focus on things I didn’t have and in a way that made me feel like my life had no progress until I changed my morning routines.

I implemented personal development Podcasts in my morning routine and my life transformed.

Listening to positive podcasts in the mornings sets a tone for the day. It shifts your mindset to the possibilities of life and can transform your life completely. 99% of millionaires listen to podcasts in the morning and evening routine because of how powerful they are.

Morning habits of Highly successful people #MorningHabits #MorningRutine #Habits


Journal is very important, 99.9% of things you write down on paper have a great chance of coming to reality. That’s what journaling helps with. Journaling will help you review your goals when you’re tempted to forget your goals.

Journaling helps you when you want to refer back to motivational quotes or your goals It generally boosts your belief.


This is the most powerful tool you should use to change your life. As much as podcasts and journaling are important, you need a ritual that will allow you to have something to hold on to and that’s where prayer comes in, it keeps you rooted and helps you stay sane because it’s not every day where you’ll wake up with positive energy, but prayer will help you be calm and stay patient when you’re about to quit.

Everyone’s definition of prayer differs, do what works for you and do it consistently and your life will change

Review Your Year Goals

This step is also important if you want to see your goals manifest. When you have a list of goals written down in your journal or on your vision boards, reviewing them reminds you of how close you are to achieving your goals and also helps you stay focused on your dreams.

Use Visualization when reviewing your goals and see yourself achieve all of them, Experience how you will feel when your goals come to fruition, practice visualization until you’re perfect at it.

Dr. Joe Dispenza stated that our brains are powerful tools, what you visualize has a great chance of coming into reality because our brains don’t know the difference between when we are imagining and when things are actually happening, so what you think, you attract, what you repeat in your mind will happen in reality.


Meditation should be part of your morning routine, it teaches our mind to stay calm and be mindful. Mediating can help your mind focus on one thing at a time. It also helps you stay in gratitude and has so many benefits including dealing with anxiety.

Meditation is not easy at first but just like any exercise, you will eventually become perfect with practice and consistency.

Practice Affirmation

In this step, I suggest that you not only practice it in your morning but rather do it throughout the day, affirmations help you when you lose your momentum, or when you’re no longer motivated to achieve your goals (because you will be tempted to quit most of the times)

I practice affirmations all the time, I’ve been practicing affirmations long before I even knew they were called affirmations and they have helped me stay confident even in my vulnerable and insecure days.

I have achieves a lot of goals in my life because of affirmations and I still believe in them to this day and I have no doubt that my dreams will come to pass one day because I know firsthand that they work.

The key to affirmations working is to keep practicing until there is not even a doubtful thought in your mind.