How To Wake Up Early Without Feeling Tired

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably tired of waking up late, tired, and without purpose and you’ve probably exhausted your options and tricks to waking up early every morning.

I’ve been there and I understand how frustrating It can be to struggle to wake up early because waking up late not only have you tired first thing in the morning but you’re also more likely to be unproductive and this often leads to wasting your full day.

Thankfully there are certain tricks and tips you can apply that can quickly help you wake up early without feeling tired

Benefits of waking up early

-waking up earlier helps you make healthier decisions like having time to exercise or eat a healthy breakfast

-Helps you do things at your own time and avoid getting overwhelmed in the morning

-Improve productivity

-Improve your sleeping pattern

– Helps you have more quiet time in the morning

Prepare the night before

If you do a lot of morning chore the night before such as preparing for your outfit, doing lunchbox, and tidying up your house, you will get sleep early and may even end up waking up earlier than your alarm, that’s because you already know that a lot of morning routine has been completed and also because tiding up improves productivity and also because laziness in the morning is caused by the fact that you already know that you have a lot of tasks to do in the morning

Have a goal that excite you (that you look forward to)

If you don’t have something excited to look forward to in the morning, then waking up early might be difficult to do, so you need to find something to look forward to whether it’s listening to a podcast, motivational interviews, or even watching entrepreneur’s stories or self-care morning like making yourself some breakfast and that will be enough motivation to help you wake up early, do what works for you.

Prepare your outfit the day before

This is similar to the first point, especially if you still work a 9 to 5 job, preparing your work outfit the night before mentally prepares you that you already have one routine completed and that you have 5 minutes to yourself.

Use a soft alarm to wake you up

I don’t know about you but every time an alarm is too harsh or too loud, I find myself snoozing and eventually waking up tired than usual days when I don’t use an alarm. But I’ve learned that a softer alarm sound makes me wake up immediately and peacefully. And when you waking up to a softer alarm you’re less likely to have palpitation and anxiety

Clean your room or tidy up your space the night before

Decluttering expert Marie Kondo has mentioned that there is life-changing magic to tidying up. If you go to sleep in a decluttered space, you will most likely struggle with being overwhelmed and this will intensify your laziness therefore making waking up early difficult for you and this will cause you to not find the time.

Take melatonin before you go to bed

Taking melatonin will be beneficial if you struggle to sleep early. It has helped people who struggle with insomnia and anxiety before going to sleep for years, however, it’s important that you only take melatonin for short-term treatment that you don’t rely on it for so long to avoid getting addicted.

Exercise before going to sleep

There are some people who struggle with waking up early even though they’ve applied the above points because their bodies are used to sleeping late, if that’s you, perhaps you might want to add exercising late as part of your night routine such as skipping, aerobics, your body will get tired too early in the evening which means this will help you sleep early and also wake up early

Take a hot bath before bed

Taking a hot bath will cause your body to lighten up and warm up too fast and eventually help you sleep early, however, there are some people who get more awake after bathing, so if you find yourself getting awakened by bathing, then take a hot bath 3 to 4 hours before bedtime.

Drink tea before you sleep

Drinking tea before bedtime plays the same role as taking a hot bath. Your body gets warm quickly and you’ll eventually get relaxed and sleepy. However, it’s crucial that the tea you drink doesn’t contain too much caffeine that you might end up doing the opposite job for you

Practice the 5 seconds rule every morning

Mel Robinson 5 seconds rule has completely changed my life and it’s also one of the books I highly recommend as one of the best books you should read if you struggle with procrastination and also if you struggle to wake up even if your alarm wakes you up in the morning. It has been scientifically proven that the 5 seconds rule helps with productivity when you start counting the 5 seconds to push yourself to do something, when you practice the 5 seconds rule daily, you eventually get used to pushing yourself naturally without counting