How To Overcome Body Insecurity

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Do you currently struggle to love your body? You don’t have to, there’s no need for you to stress about your body image. It’s possible for you to love your body despite your flaws, and in this post, I’m about to show you how you can overcome insecurities and totally love your body.

Dealing with body image issues can be a tough situation to find yourself in. We all have body insecurities we deal with daily and it can affect our confidence. I know this from experiences and that’s why I sympathize with anyone that has to deal with this problem.

I remember my life completely changed after I started putting on weight. I went from that girl who enjoyed selfies to suddenly avoiding my phone at any given moment.

 My self-esteem was extremely crushed, I no longer enjoyed going out, I became a completely different person. I was no longer dreaming and I lost touch with who I was and that’s when I knew that I had to change in order to become the best version of myself.

I decided to change my mindset towards my body

Changing your mindset

Everything that exists today is a result of our thoughts, whether your thoughts are intentional or not. So the first step to overcoming your body insecurities is to change your mindset towards your body.

What you first have to do is try to find out where and when your thoughts towards your body issue began. You might be surprised to find that your insecurities are ignited by the underlying issues you have faced from your childhood.

The second step you have to take to change your mindset is using positive affirmations to transform your thoughts

Using affirmation

Positive affirmations have the power to transform your thoughts when you use them consistently. I know this first hand as I have used the exercise a lot of times in my life to transform my thoughts into being positive.

Positive affirmation has the power to change your mindset towards your body image, however, you need to be aware that affirmation takes time and consistency. You have to practice until your belief towards your body has completely changed and cannot be influenced by any negative thought.

Also, you need to know that positive affirmations on their own don’t work. You have to apply action in order to really believe in your thoughts and that means you have to embrace your flaws when you’re trying to overcome your body insecurities.

                                    “The thing that scares you the most is the exact thing that will set you free… so do it”

Embrace your flaws

This is by far the hardest part of overcoming your body insecurities even though it’s the part that will accelerate your results because embracing your flaws means you have to embrace the issue that you’ve been dealing with for years. 

for example, If you’re insecure about your nose, the best thing you can do for yourself and your personal growth is to embrace your nose. 

Apply action by doing what scares you the most and take as many pictures of your face as possible, because the thing that scares you the most is the exact thing that will set you free. This is an exercise that will help you get used to your insecurities. 

The reason why we are often so negative about ourselves and body image is that we are so used to hiding our insecurities so much that we aren’t even familiar with ourselves when we see ourselves in the mirror or in a picture.

Being mindful of your words

Don’t let your mind and your words bully your body ~ June Tomaso Wood

Be mindful of the things you say about yourself and your body. Make sure that while people have negative comments about you, that you’re not one of them.

We are so used to respecting strangers with our words than we are to ourselves. So the  fourth step you should take to overcome body insecurities is to be mindful of your words towards yourselves because you can be your biggest bully and get shocked when you don’t see results you desire eg:(when you’re not losing weight even when you go to the gym)

How were doing it wrong

Working on external issues before internal issues

The mistake you make when trying to overcome body insecurities is that you want to transform your external self before doing the inside work first.

Body issues are the results of negative thought you created, that means your dealing with a deep-rooted issue that will keep coming back until you find out where the root (problem) started.

Using affirmation the wrong way.

Body insecurity is a deep issue that doesn’t change overnight and requires the right way to use affirmations.

That means when you use affirmation you have to change your thoughts from negative to using a realistic approach before moving to completely positive thought, 

Because here’s the thing, you’ve been dealing with this deep issue for a long time, that changing your thought from negative to suddenly being positive will sound more like your lying to yourself than affirming to yourself.

That might even make you give up on your affirmations.

An example of changing your thoughts from negative to being realistic is saying “I hate my boobs” to “my boobs may be weird, but I’m grateful I have lump-free, cancer-free healthy boobs”

Using a realistic approach is more believable and it will help you to easily transition from negative to having complete positive thoughts. Just continue to practice and watch yourself transform!

Focusing on what you dislike more than what you like

The third mistake you make when trying to overcome body image issues is that you choose to focus on what you dislike more than what you love about yourself and then expect change to take place. When You focus on what you don’t like about your body, you magnify the problem.

Paying attention to what you love about yourself can do a total mindset shift. 

Find a journal and write 5 things you love about yourself daily, whether it’s your body parts, your personality, anything. And then start positive affirmation around those five things for one month and see what it does.

What to expect when you’re trying to overcome body insecurities

Expect people to remind you of your insecurities when you’re on the journey to overcome body image issues. To help yourself with those comments, find a positive approach to those insensitive comments. 

Expect that mostly those comments will be from family, friends, and those around you. Just remind yourself always that your power is positivity over negativity.

For example, they will remind how big your nose is, how fat your body is and how your forehead is large 

Avoid being passive about their comments, and instead tell them how lucky you are to breathe through your nose, how your body makes you look good in denim, and how girls with big foreheads are the prettiest.

The best way to deal with people’s negative comments when your trying to overcome your body image issues is to prepare yourself ahead of time. 

It’s called being proactive. Expect those comments and have prepared responses. Apply this method until you have rooted positive thoughts, that no small comment will get to you.

And always remember people’s comments are a reflection of where they are in life. Negative people project what’s already going on inside of them.

How did you overcome body image insecurities in your life?

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