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How To Find Your Purpose In Life

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If you want to have fulfillment and also be motivated to wake up each day looking forward to changing the world, it’s important that you find or at least you know your purpose in life.

We all know people who are living their purpose and how impactful they are to the world.

They are inspiring and it’s a life we should desire to have. A life with impact and purpose.

However, it’s not okay to become desperate to find your purpose to a point where you affect your emotional health.

The purpose is not meant to stress or hurt you, it’s supposed to bring you peace and clarity because that’s exactly what you’ll serve the world.

That’s why you need to relax and allow things to take form on their own.

With that said, let’s look at steps you should take to find your purpose on earth.

Characteristics of purpose

Your purpose is beyond you, it is a gift and a skill that not only benefits you but other people as well. It is bigger than you.

Your purpose is meant to serve the world.

Your purpose is found in your past and your present pain. Tony Robbins once said life happens for us and not to us, therefore your purpose is found in your struggles and experiences.

Before you can find your purpose, you have to go through it first It is found in experience because with your purpose you have to touch people and you can not touch people if you have no empathy for what they are going through.

Reasons not to find your purpose

To fill the void inside you

To make money

To know your worth

You don’t have to try so hard to find your purpose, your purpose naturally finds you. And it finds you when you are actively intentional about doing things that bring out the best in you.

That’s the law of attraction

The energy you bring out is the energy you’ll receive

So what you have to do is actively do things that push you closer to your purpose and your passion.

Marie Forleo said “Clarity comes from engagement and not thoughts” so make sure that actions work simultaneously with what you believe.

Steps to take that will bring you closer to finding your passion

Write a list of talents and gifts you have, (Everyone is born with one or two gifts no matter how worthless you may feel at times) write them down.

Focus on working on one talent and see if it’s something you can enjoy for a long time.

Give yourself a short-term goal for that skill just to test if you could do this for a long time.

Work on improving your thoughts especially on the area around your purpose. Watch out for the things you feed your mind with because what you consume you become.

Journal -There’s power in the written words. Journaling helps you find things you enjoy writing about and 99% of things written down always come to pass.

What to avoid when you trying to find your purpose

Avoid focusing on time and rushing yourself. Purpose cannot and should not be rushed as I already mentioned, your purpose naturally finds you because it’s in you, you are born with it and it will always follow you.

Your purpose shouldn’t be forced, otherwise, you’ll get drained when your expectations are not met. You’ll get worn out and eventually get depressed. Your purpose is in you, therefore you cannot force something that already exists in you.

Yours is to focus on things that will activate the greatness in you. You do it by applying positive thoughts as well as intentional actions.