How I overcame depression and how you can do it…

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If you’ve experienced depression before, you know how terrible the feeling is. (actually, terrible is an understatement) It’s a scary place to be in that I wouldn’t wish it to anyone.

After my life fell apart during my unemployed days, I wasn’t coping. I would only see darkness the first thing I woke to the time I went to bed.

The worst thing about depression is that when it starts to go, it leaves with a certain part of you, that you’ll have no choice but to do a lot of work to fix yourself again, and for me, it left with my faith and my goals.

I did the work and slowly started to get back to myself, I started to dream again and began to have faith in life.

It felt like I was BACK! because when I went through depression, it felt like I was living in another world where I was alive but not living.

But thank God I made it and now use my experience to help people overcome depression

Things That Won’t Fix Depression

Career– When I started going through depression I was straight out of university looking for a job and always getting disappointed when I wouldn’t get anything, and later, I would get simple jobs that would keep me going but I’d still feel empty and depressed and that’s when I realized that a career or a job doesn’t fix what’s going on within you, it will actually make you feel worse.

Money– Same way as a career does, having money won’t fix your problems, money just makes things easy but it doesn’t make you better when you have emotional issues. Mental health issues can’t be bought but have to be taken care of.

Business– No business can fix depression, even if your business is your purpose. When I started a blog, I thought my depression would miraculously disappear but I actually found myself getting worse and that’s when I decided to pause and do the work. I started to work on myself self, and that’s when I became better.

Steps I Took To Overcome Depression

Talk To Someone

Speak to someone you trust and are able to be open with. I always say healing only takes place when you expose your wounds. Open up to your family or friends about your emotional issues

Find professional help if you lack support from your family and friends, as long as you avoid suffering alone because there’s plenty of help to find.


I started the journey of forgiving people that have hurt me because while I was going through emotional turmoil, there were people who would do intentional things to hurt me. I decided to forgive them as I realized that unforgiveness was only doing more harm than good to myself.

I Took Responsibility

I did not only have to forgive other people but forgave myself by taking account of the things I did on my part as well, as I truly believe that taking responsibility is what completes the healing process. So I stopped blaming people for where my life was.

Move away from negative people (DETOX)

Detoxing does not only apply to food but also to emotions and mindset as well. You need to detox some people in your life to become the best version of yourself. And that means I decided to move away from people that pulled me down and only kept people that were good for my spirit. Moving away from negative people didn’t instantly change me it took a long time for me to be ok, but eventually, I became better.

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude pushes you closer to your goals. I wanted to feel better from the inside out so I decided to focus on all the things I was grateful for in my life. I appreciated where I was and stopped complaining.

I focused on my creativity

I love writing, therefore I focused my energy on my writing skills by blogging. I started a blog as a way of dealing with emotions while helping people that may go through my experiences.

Bottom Line

The steps I took worked out for me and may not work out for you because depression differs for every individual, like any other disease, there are different stages of depression, Talking to a professional might work for the next person and not work out for you and that’s fine, the most important thing is to not suffer alone. Get help and find the right people to help you.

You can be healed from depression, don’t give up on yourself because there’s still room for you to transform your life…

xoxo Emma Sesh