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The importance of Loving ourselves…

Do you often go All out for people and still feel like you always come out empty?  even worse, you often feel like no matter how hard you seek love or validations, people still don’t value you or respect you? here’s your mistake, you put people first and forget about You and expect them to love you back, but sorry to say this, that is never going to happen! The […]

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We Attract Who We Are

Do you ever wonder why you continuously go through a series of repeated situations in relationships & friendships? I know I do, and this can sometimes bring resentment towards those relationship/failed relationships (if they ended) and it can even lead to one being too careful or too ”picky” when it comes to choosing new friends or partners in future, and at times this also creates blame games and pointing fingers […]

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Why Parents should Teach Us and Not Tell Us…

Our Parents are heaven sent right?… exactly. Good riddance, what could we do Without them, let alone be without them. The endless sacrifices they make for us… Un…believable. Just the thought of  being a trouble maker will make you think twice when you realize such things. For sure raising us was and its still not a walk in the park considering how young people can be. However even though our parents […]

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