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The importance of Loving ourselves…

Do you often go All out for people and still feel like you always come out empty?  even worse, you often feel like no matter how hard you seek love or validations, people still don’t value you or respect you? here’s your mistake, you put people first and forget about You and expect them to love you back, but sorry to say this, that is never going to happen! The […]

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We Attract Who We Are

Do you ever wonder why you continuously go through a series of repeated situations in relationships & friendships? I know I do, and this can sometimes bring resentment towards those relationship/failed relationships (if they ended) and it can even lead to one being too careful or too ”picky” when it comes to choosing new friends or partners in future, and at times this also creates blame games and pointing fingers […]

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Why we have the Power to say ‘it STOPS now’

Any person will admit that at one point in their lives, they have had a disturbing feeling that perhaps their family’s past/ present mistakes runs in their DNA and are waiting to make the same mistakes in their lives. I am perhaps talking about the divorces that have taken place in families, Parents who have gone to jail, Abuse and addiction in the family, poverty from one generation to another […]

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Why Failure should not be an option.

The past 5 days have  been very hectic for me emotionally, physically and spiritually. Between doubting my self as a new blogger, leading me to running out of ideas of what to write about as I have not yet picked out my niche, to having the struggle to eat healthy (as I have mentioned that I am eating healthy nowadays) led me to feeling like I am a failure, and […]

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The Courage To Say No!

If there is anything that a lot of us have struggled with or are still struggling with, is the courage to say No. We live in a world where we feel like we owe people our lives, constantly afraid to just simply say No and before we know it, we have resentment towards other people or even the people we love. I have said this before and I will say […]

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Finding MY Voice…

The whole of this week I have been struggling to convince my self to get off the couch, stop watching too much T.v and just  go to my blog and write posts! I guess the drag comes from the fact that ONE, I do not exactly know my niche, TWO, I am still afraid due to the fact that I ACTUALLY HAVE A BLOG and Now its time for work […]

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  Emotional eating is a subject that is never really talked about on its own yet it affects most of us. Firstly what we need to know is that emotional eating is a disorder and according to kidshealth.org  it is defined as a intake of food in response to negative emotions and it is  usually used as a tool or strategy to cope with negative feelings. Anyone who has experienced  emotional […]

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