I Aspire To Inspire Through My Pen!





Hi there, thank you for taking your time to read my block. uhm… I meant blog LOL, it really means a lot to me! Its been long since  I told my self I will start a blog, but  I thank God I finally did coz I really have a lot fun on this blog. Just to have a Voice on a platform you own is amazing. I’m grateful every single day.



I am a 23 year old beauty with brains, I have a BA degree in Communications and I am a born again Christian. I love writing and that is why I started this blog. I have always known that I loved writing coz I was always that shy girl in the group, and My Pen would always talk best for me where my mouth couldn’t, in fact I actually make sense through my pen always and that is why through this blog, I use that Pen to Inspire and Speak my pretty mind.


I have always loved writing, its been that organic talent I’ve had, and what became a confirmation for me that writing and I had some sort of connection was that, even though I studied communications in varsity and had goals to work in corporate, print media Journalism was the only door that kept opening for me when I wanted a corporate job, and no matter how far I would run from writing, it just kept finding me.

This blog idea came while I was going through a really tough time in my life, job hunting, & doors slammed in my face,very broke meanwhile my apartment rent due date was drawing near, and I decided to go on 10 days of quiet time; I literally took a break from food, t.v, cellphone, radio for 10 days,(I still can’t believe I did that) just trying to figure out my life. AND On Day 10 of my quiet time, I decided to listen to radio and that’s when I discovered about blogging and I thought I should try it. A month later I dove in and its been life changing and I’m super grateful everyday.

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Five Things You should know about Emma_Sesh

  • My real Surname is Seshoka, that’s where the Sesh from Emma_Sesh originates.
  •  I am extremely shy the first time you meet me, and the second time I am weird, then the third I am funny and crazy AF.
  • Growing up I wanted to marry a white guy, but I recently changed the whole idea coz I can’t Swim LOL
  • I tried to eat healthy 10 time before and I hope this time it lasts
  • I am scared of spiders