6 Natural ways to overcome anxiety

6 Natural Ways To Overcome Anxiety

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Anxiety is an emotional issue that affects people as a result of stress, trauma or family history of mental illness.

According to research, at least 40 million adults between the ages of 18 to 35 (or more) deals with anxiety issues.

Unfortunately, a lot of people avoid talking about their anxiety problems because it is not taken as a big issue in the communities. So most people choose to suffer in silence.

Because of anxiety issues being a taboo topic, it puts most people at risk of dealing with this stigma and increases the rate of depression.

That is why I created this post to help you find ways to overcome this disease.

Here are effective steps to quickly help you overcome anxiety

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Avoid Social Media As Much As Possible

People often think social media is a good platform to distress and avoid emotional issues, but it is quite the opposite. It has been found that social media is one of the main things that has caused an increase in mental and emotional health issues in young adults.

The more social media grows, the worse they get because people often use social platforms to get validation but end up with increased anxiety issues.

Of course, social media is a powerful tool for businesses and brands, however when it comes to your well being it’s important that you take a break especially if you are dealing with anxiety problems.

Find Someone to talk to

This step is one of the hardest parts of dealing with and overcoming anxiety. Anxiety doesn’t affect a lot of people so people who deal with this issue prefer to keep it to themselves as this disease can be hard for people to relate to and at times embarrassing for others. But it is useful to find someone to talk to and if you can’t find any person you trust, I suggest you find a professional to talk to.

You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel after talking to someone because our struggles can be heavy for us.

They say healing takes place when you expose your wounds. Open up to someone you trust and always remember that everything is a journey. When you speak about your problems you are one step closer to your healing.

Have A Morning And Night Routine

Ever since I implemented a morning routine I’ve watched my life change, one of the things I used to do in my life was to wake up and waste an hour or more on social media and I realized how bad that was for my personal growth. I’d end up feeling like my life was behind as I spent my time watching influencers and their lifestyle and how fabulous everything looked.

Then I decided to change my morning routine by focusing on positive energy first thing in the morning.

Morning routines are helpful as they set an intention for your day. Having a morning ritual or routine helps you be in control of what you become. It helps you stay positive throughout the day and also boost your energy

And that includes listening to personal growth podcasts, watching inspiring videos on youtube and also listening to my audiobooks from audible.

I also implemented the habit of journaling, where I would listen to personal growth podcasts while noting down the important facts in my journal.

Implementing the journal method in the morning helps you open up the underlying issues that you may be going through that influenced the feelings of anxiety in your life and can also lead you to be more open and receptive to people with regards to your anxiety because usually, people who go through anxieties and other emotional disorders find it hard to open up to people.


The same way listening to podcasts and creating a morning routine can transform your mind, exercise can help you deal with anxiety and reduce your stress levels. When a person exercises, they release a chemical called endorphins.

Endorphin is a chemical that interacts with your brain to reduce stress, it triggers positive feelings in your body that can reduce anxiety.

Pro-tip; make sure that the type of exercise you choose is an activity you’ll enjoy because doing something that you’re not excited about won’t be effective.

Implement a healthy diet

Food has a direct effect on how to react to certain situations, there are certain food that you should avoid if you want to reduce your anxiety and stress level. Food that has caffeine and sugar should be avoided as they have a negative effect on our hormones and brain cells.

Start a passion project to keep you busy

Create a passion project that will keep you busy. Focus on things that you enjoy, so that you spend less time focusing on your struggles. Activities such as cooking, writing, reading, starting a blog, baking are some of the examples of things you can keep yourself busy while working on your anxiety problems.

A passion project/activity helps you avoid spending too much time on social media or watching tv, which is reported to be some of the habits that have increased anxiety and mental health issues

Keep a gratitude journal

Ever since I started a gratitude journal, I have watched my mind completely transform. A gratitude journal will help you be mindful of the things that we usually take for granted. It helps be aware of how far you’ve come and how blessed and favored you are.

Implement this habit in your morning and evening routine and watch your life transform before your eyes.

Also be aware that as much as a gratitude journal works, it will be a struggle at times for you to come up with things you’re grateful for because your mind is still learning to be mindful.

Remember the human brain enjoys comfort, so this routine is a way of teaching our minds to focus and be aware of things that are usually taken for granted.

Sleep and Rest

Sleep is the best and inexpensive natural way to reduce anxiety. There are stages of sleep in a human body and a human body should get at least stage 4 of sleep daily because stage 4 helps restore, reboot, and detox your brain and also helps you function at a better level. This is why people who are sleep deprived experience an increase in stress and anxiety which then results in a lack of sleep

Avoid Caffeine

It has been found that caffeine causes heightened anxiety in the human body and brain. When you drink coffee, caffeine molecules interfere with the breakdown of cyclic adenosine monophosphate which is an intracellular messenger which tells your cells to do things. So when you drink caffeine cyclic adenosine is not getting broken down, which means it is sending more messages, this will eventually result in experiencing faster heartbeat, fast breathing, and anxiety.

Avoid sugary food

Just like caffeine, sugar has been found to be one of the foods that cause an increase in mental health issues, causing complications and a decrease in cognitive function and anxiety. Sugar has also been found to be one of the causes of depression because it affects the production of serotonin which is a chemical produced by your body that makes you feel good and regulate your mood, so when you consume sugar, it increases dopamine but when your blood sugar crashes, it cause you to be weak, anxious and depressed


Meditation is the practice of mindfulness and awareness on purpose and it’s not the easiest practice to do because your mind and your brain are used to being busy, but the thing with meditation is that the more you practice and show up, the better you become and the more you heal your brain muscles.

Use Soft alarm to wakeup

A loud alarm in the morning can trigger anxiety when you wake up and this can result in anxious emotions and stress throughout the day. So it’s crucial that you set a peaceful alarm when you wake because how you start your morning, set the tone of your day