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3 Quick Ways To Overcome Passive Aggressive Behavior…

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If you don’t have great communication skills with people around you, chances are, you struggle with passive-aggressive behavior.

I know this first-hand because I’ve struggled with being passive in the past because I wasn’t communicating my feelings out.

And over time I realized that passive-aggressive behavior was doing more harm than good in my life. This behavior was holding me hostage and turning me into a negative person even when I never intended to be.

I have learned over the years that this behavior doesn’t have to affect you because communication is a skill you can teach yourself if you want to maintain consistent relationships in your life.

With that said, here are a few tips you can apply if you struggle with being passive

Have A Quiet Time

Get quiet and have conversations with yourself. Try to find answers on why you have passive-aggressive behavior. This behavior doesn’t just affect us. It’s usually a result of deep-rooted issues. By nature we are neutral beings, our characters and behaviors are shaped by our experiences and upbringing,

It is in those quiet times where you will find answers to the things that really bother you.

Spending quiet time moves you out of the noise and helps you clearly listen to your inner voice.

Quiet times won’t be interesting to you at first because naturally, our brains enjoy comfort, so this routine won’t come naturally to you, but the more you practice, the better you’ll get and the more answers about your life you’ll find.

In your quiet time, write down a list of all areas in your life where you’ve been passive and find the most positive approach to the situation.

Positive Approach

The best way to deal with passive-aggressive behavior is to find a positive approach to whatever you are passive about in your life.

Let’s say you’re dealing with a coworker/ friend who keeps throwing digs at you, If you are a passive person, you’ll most likely brush off the emotions and move on, even though you keep getting offended.

The positive approach to dealing with these issues is by speaking with your co-worker aside and explain to them how they made you feel instead of hating them secretly and giving them a glossy smile.

This approach is great because you are teaching people how to treat you and teaching people to respect your boundaries.

This approach, however, may not work with other people (when you address them) and that’s fine. When a person refuses to receive how they’ve hurt you, it’s no longer your issue it’s theirs, at the end of the day you can’t change a person who doesn’t want to change.

Talk To A Professional

Another effective method of dealing with passive-aggressive behavior is to talk to a professional. Find someone with who you can tell your struggles without feeling judged.

We live in a digital world now, if you can’t find a professional person around you, you can still access online therapists or people in the relevant expertise to help you with this behavior.

What Are The Common Causes Of Passive Aggressive Behaviour

  1. Fear

*Fear of being judged

*Fear of speaking up or having an opinion

*Doubting your opinions

2. Your Background


*Abuse (emotional, physical, etc…)

*Past Hurt (Resentment) and many more

Remind yourself how worthy you are, stop protecting people if you’re not protecting yourself first. Most people are passive because of the fear of being honest about their opinion, they instead choose to save people while they suffer. Don’t be afraid to put yourself and your feelings first, your feelings matter.

Effects Of Passive Aggressive Behavior

As long as you remain passive, you will continue to deal with the same situation in different forms. You cannot move to the next chapter in your life if you haven’t passed your current issues in life.

You cannot manipulate your way out of the passive-aggressive behaviors if you’re not dealing with issues head-on

Bottom Line

Being passive won’t solve your problems, avoiding issues will only create war within your self and this will most likely affect you for a long time.

Find ways to deal with issues head-on, don’t be timid, fear is nothing but a thought.

Remember there’s still room for you to transform your life.

XoXo Emma Sesh