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The importance of Loving ourselves…

Do you often go All out for people and still feel like you always come out empty?  even worse, you often feel like no matter how hard you seek love or validations, people still don’t value you or respect you? here’s your mistake, you put people first and forget about You and expect them to love you back, but sorry to say this, that is never going to happen!

The thing is we need to love our selves first before anybody else can, like Michael Jackson said, it all starts with the man in the mirror. People cannot love you better until you love your self the right way.

The thing about me is that I love eavesdropping lol…(and I think everybody does too right?). I overheard a conversation between my mother and some lady friend of hers, I think they were talking about that lady’s family issues and while listening, I heard her say ”I will start taking care of my self when my husband starting loving me the right way”, and I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I felt sorry for her and at the same time I was mad, I even think I almost attempted to join the conversation and speak my mind but you know black parents don’t allow us to listen or even talk about grown stuff with them (which is not fair because young people are so wise hey 😉

I couldn’t believe her, I couldn’t believe the fact that she said she will take care of her self when things are okay with her husband, I almost asked ”what if things will never go back to normal again with your husband”, (but of course I was eavesdropping so I couldn’t)

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And that’s what inspired my post today, and I share this to inspire people, from young to old, that we need to love our selves and put our selves first before anybody else. You cannot love better if you do not love your self better, you cannot be loved the right way if you do not love your self in the the right way. People cannot respect you if you do not respect yourself. It all begins with you, before anybody else, it starts with you, you are responsible for you, you have to take care of your self before others care for you, and that is what people are not aware of, they wait for people’s validation before they value themselves.

We make a mistake of thinking people will magically love us, we often go as far as pleasing people when we know deep down we are not happy doing that. We even become bitter asking our selves why do I go all out for people when I am not appreciated most time, but here’s the thing girl, as long as you keep loving others thinking you will receive love back, know that it is never going to happen. It all begins with you, The bible also says love your neighbor as you love your self, so in order to love the right way, you have to begin to love your self. It starts with the man in the mirror.

Of course loving ourselves and putting ourselves first doesn’t mean we have to be selfish, it just means we value ourselves while respecting other people around us. The energy you give your self will attract love from people.


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