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Why we have the Power to say ‘it STOPS now’

Any person will admit that at one point in their lives, they have had a disturbing feeling that perhaps their family’s past/ present mistakes runs in their DNA and are waiting to make the same mistakes in their lives. I am perhaps talking about the divorces that have taken place in families, Parents who have gone to jail, Abuse and addiction in the family, poverty from one generation to another and this has led one into thinking that’s probably going to happen to them in future, and that can be a disturbing thought to even think about, sometimes it can even escalate to fear. However with the awareness of our family’s pasts we All have the Power to Say It Stops NOW.


I’ve come to realize that our situations are ours but they do not dictate our future. our situations happened but they do not define who we are, and we are not entitled to our family’s problems, just like a wise man once said ”we are not given a successful life nor given an unsuccessful life, we are just given life and what we do with it is up to us”, therefore what happened to our parents happened to them and not us, we are just a part of a piece that got affected in the situation, and we have the power to say what happened to us in the past Stops Now.

There are so many people who find themselves going through what their mothers and fathers have gone through,  and they are fine with where they are; I am talking about women who still think it is okay for men to abuse them because that’s what happened to their mothers and grand parents and men who think substance abuse is who they are because it affected their fathers and grand parents. This sometimes is because they are aware of their family dynamics and they still lack knowledge on how to help themselves and they finally give in to the circumstances, and passively finds it okay to be victims of past problems as well. Sadly sometimes people finds it okay to go through exactly what their family went through because one, they are not aware that they are the victims of their problems and two they have been told that their problems is who they are and that  it will never change.

It's up to YOU!.jpg

But today I write this as a way of showing people that yes the family situation/problems happened to them but it is not who they are. Their circumstances does not define them, they are not their family’s past, generational curses and problems they have gone through are very much below them and that is their power. The power to say It Stops Now. 


This is a piece to remind people that they have the power to stop poverty, addiction, abuse, failing relationships. And of course it is not easy, change does not happen overnight but it sure does happen when you want to see it, and it all begins with making a quality decision to want to see change, because without that quality decision being made, it will all become an idea in the head to want to see a difference, and everything will still be the same.


Therefore the first step to putting your power in to action is firstly to acknowledge and have the awareness of your family problems, the second is to realize and recognize that it happened to your family but it does not have to happen to you and the third thing is to make a quality decision of wanting to see change by putting action and asking for help and always remembering to surround your self with positive people in your life while seeking help for your self.



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