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Why Failure should not be an option.

The past 5 days have  been very hectic for me emotionally, physically and spiritually. Between doubting my self as a new blogger, leading me to running out of ideas of what to write about as I have not yet picked out my niche, to having the struggle to eat healthy (as I have mentioned that I am eating healthy nowadays) led me to feeling like I am a failure, and I shouldn’t continue writing and I am glad because these emotions have actually inspired me to write about this topic: Failure and why shouldn’t be scared to fail.

I have come to learn that we all have failed in the past and some of us have failed so hard, and some not so hard, but we all have experienced the ‘F’ word, and it is not a nice feeling to experience or to even feel like you failed at something because for some it can even lead to depression and totally giving up in life.


While we may think failure is when one has lacked the ability to succeed at something there are some things I have learned about what failure is and what it really means. Basically Failure is NOT lacking the ability to succeed  at something but rather failure is giving up after failing to succeed at something, meaning whatever it is that you have not succeeded at, it will no longer be considered as a failure if you get up and dust your self after falling.  Failure  becomes irrelevant when  you go re-do and succeed at what you did not achieve at first. And another thing that makes a person a failure is when you start living up to people’s standard and not your own standard, the minute you live a life to please people you are setting your self up for failure because not only do you deny your self freedom of life but you are denying your self the best you can be. And a part of failure is putting too much pressure on your self. It is the same with living according to the standards of people, when you put pressure on your self, you end up forcing your self to be perfect and you will come out empty and emotionally exhausted.


In fact I have realized that there is no such thing as failure because from failure there is so much to learn. Failure basically is an investment because it is like losing thousand but ten thousand returns, therefore we shouldn’t be afraid of failing because it is in failing that we gain, we grow, and we learn.

I am so grateful for all my past failures because today I know better. Of course it wasn’t nice at the time, and it won’t even be nice today if I fail but the bright side of it is that in failure there’s so much to learn, therefore we need not to be afraid of it because one way or another we will all experience failure and the power is in us to allow Failure to be a fail or a LESSON. We can not control failure but we can control how we define it in our life


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