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Why Parents should Teach Us and Not Tell Us…

Our Parents are heaven sent right?… exactly. Good riddance, what could we do Without them, let alone be without them. The endless sacrifices they make for us… Un…believable. Just the thought of  being a trouble maker will make you think twice when you realize such things. For sure raising us was and its still not a walk in the park considering how young people can be. However even though our parents are to die for and we would go to the moon and back for them, I’m afraid there is one slight Problem with them at time; They have not Mastered the difference between Teaching Us and Telling Us while disciplining us.

They don’t get it at times, that as Daughters and Sons we want to be taught and not be told to do something, that we want to learn and no just do what they tell us to do passively, because guess what, the problem in just telling us to do something, tomorrow that thing is out of the window but when they teach us, it stays with us, why? because teaching shows us that we are not only learning together with them but we are learning from and through them.


Parents need to understand that instead of just telling us to pray, we want to first learn how to pray and see them pray with Us, instead of telling us to be responsible, we want them to teach us how to be responsible, learn as well as see them do it with us. What they need to understand about young people is that we learn better when we see rather than what we hear. Therefore parents must know that young people are not the problem after all, and neither are they. All they need to do is to understand the formula in dealing with generation of the new era and how young people work and that them teaching us instead of telling us doesn’t mean we think we know any better,  and neither does it mean we want to be superior than them.

They just need to understand that we are living in the new era,  and that what was relevant in the past is slowly fading and soon to no longer be relevant today, as we are living in times where almost everything is influence by media and the changing environment, therefore like they always say ‘when times changes, we need to be pro-active, and catch up’.

So sometimes communication is not the problem where parents and children are concerned, the  only issue is the misunderstanding parents sometimes have towards mastering the difference between Teaching your child to do something versus telling them to do something, because teaching simply put, is giving attention to someone’s needs and intervening to help that person learn a that particular thing, while telling is giving someone information  to do something and not giving them the freedom of choice.

While I believe that parents should understand and learn the difference between teaching us and telling us and how it  works, it still doesn’t give Us young people any right to disregard or disrespect because the primary focus between teaching and telling is parents and young people working together.



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