I Aspire To Inspire Through My Pen!

Finding MY Voice…


The whole of this week I have been struggling to convince my self to get off the couch, stop watching too much T.v and just  go to my blog and write posts! I guess the drag comes from the fact that ONE, I do not exactly know my niche, TWO, I am still afraid due to the fact that I ACTUALLY HAVE A BLOG and Now its time for work and action, and THREE, perhaps just like everything else in the past that I attempted to do ( which I totally failed in) I am silently hoping for a miraculous FORMULA to somehow make me/ convince me to get my butt up and write blog post and be productive,  and I just actually realized that there isn’t any formula to convince.

This reminds me of back in the days when I was in Varsity during exam times when I had to study it would always be a drag ( don’t get me wrong I loved my course, enjoyed it in fact) however studying was just not a natural thing to love even though I stayed in hostel  in high school and we studied day and night,( exaggerated) LOL .

So me being an internet Lover I googled for an hour just to find out what my niche is and how to find one, because I believe the reason it has been a drag to write on my blog  is because I see other bloggers succeeding  and winning in their niche and I also want that. And I just realized there is no formula to finding your niche because I believe your niche is your voice, and nobody knows your voice except you, so blogging just like any other thing in life is a process and because of that I am taking one positive step at a time to just  have and continue to discover my voice with no pressure.

They say Rome wasn’t built in one day and So should our blogs. I truly believe that’s how our approach should be with regards to blogging, and finding your voice begins with starting where you are, with what you have, simply meaning write any thing that comes to you and allow your fingers to show you magic and  just stop overthinking things. STOP.


Do you know that saying which states; it takes 20 years to built an overnight success?  Exactly! while searching for a niche and trying to google how to find my voice, ‘my voice I mean my niche’ I discovered that it should take time for me to find my voice and it is okay. Part of finding your voice in blogging is patience while working.

And who knows, searching for your voice is not a journey where it will reach an end, but your voice is something that you will continuously keep on discovering, it has no ”I have arrived”, so how about being your self and being your OWN voice and the rest will follow. How about let me be my voice and my niche will find me.

They say speak the truth even if your voice shake, I say speak your voice even if you are are afraid.


So basically by finding your voice you just have to Start, you don’t have to know what you are about. Just Start. trying to find your voice will only set you up for failure. The first step to knowing is starting. Dive in.






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