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How to find your passion and purpose


we all know the challenge we always face in life, whether you are a primary school going to high school, or a high school going to university or college to workplace and also life in general, there one question we all ask our selves daily, which is; what is my purpose or passion on this earth? or what is my calling ?

While some people have always known (though not clearly) what they love and what they are passionate about since the day they were born, there are people just like me in the past who struggle to find what their purpose and passion or their calling is.

According to researches, there are a lot of people of who are not doing what they love,  and life goes on for them meanwhile there are others who are trying to figure out what they are really passionate about in life.

And not knowing what your passion and purpose is on this earth can be a very  frustrating and depressing especially with pressures we get from our families, friends, media, practically everywhere, and it is sometimes impossible not to worry when there is so much pressure and expectation from people.

However as hard as it is sometimes to find what your passion is due to the amount of pressure we get from people, there are 5 ways you can find your passion.


As a Christian I believe the prayer is the foundation of everything in  life, because it is communication with God who is the creator of everything and knows us better than we know our selves. Prayer gives us hope that God is listening and He answers, as He knows our future, and nothing works outside of prayer and honesty with God.


Ask your self what are my talents and what am I good at? identifying your talents is the first step to knowing exactly what it is that your passionate about. Sometimes we focus our energy on things that we are not interested in and they drain your mind, body and soul. We find our selves copying what someone does best and we think it will automatically work for us and that’s what damages us. We do what we think can work and we forget our own talents and we lose our selves, the next thing you know is finding your self lost in something you were not even interested in in the first place.


This second point is interconnected with the first point because your strengths are usually found in our natural born talent.  While spotting your strength, it is also important that you note down your weaknesses as well (a lot of times your weakness will be the opposite of your strengths)

A lot of times you might find that you have more than one talent and it can get a little confusing as to which one of you talents are you Most passionate about, and my advice is to focus on the one that you really enjoy doing, for examples for me I believe I have been blessed by God with a talent to Sing, to write, to encourage, but the one that I really enjoy, and It wakes me up at midnight is Writing. It is natural, Organic, it is not forced, its probably something I would do even in my sleep and still enjoy doing. I always open a room to learn with writing any time of the day through research. And my strength is in writing than speaking. People understand me better when I write than when I try to explain a situation verbally.


Sometimes identifying your talents and strength can be very difficult especially when you may have lost your self in trying to be someone else, and it can take a very long time to recover from losing your self, however the best thing to move back to your own lane is to Consistently have some Quiet times, some people call it Mediation. Have continuous quiet times Alone, to find your self and your purpose.

Some times you may not only lose your self from copying other people but you lose your self to Social Media, Television, Internet, Possessions, Friends. Do not get me wrong please, social media ,televisions, internet are not bad, they are our guilty pleasures however we often need to take a step back and take a break from them, as a way of finding our selves and to rediscover who we are, because it is very easy to lose your self by going through people’s lifestyle through social media.

Having quiet times does not  only help you find what you love but it allows you to listen to your inner voice and find who you really are without the influences of the outside noise.


After discovering your talents, strengths, and purpose, the step you have to take by bringing your passion to life is Action. For examples if it is cooking, find ways you can cook food and make money from them. I truly believe God gave us all talents to be fruitful and multiply.

Discovering your passion,talents and strengths yet doing nothing about them is like getting a golden ticket to access everything and anything you want on this earth and still choose to live like street kid , poor and without a purpose.

So do not be that street kid with a million dollar golden ticket in your hands, use your passion to not only be fruitful but to also help and change lives. It doesn’t matter where you start!


As much as there are are things, as mentioned above that you can do to find and identify your passion and purpose, one of the things you should NOT  do is ask people what your purpose is,


I know many people might find this controversial, but I do not believe you should consult people what your passions are, because no matter how people may know you, at the end of the day You are the only person who knows what you want in life, even if it means you will make mistakes along the way. A lot of people have so many opinions about everything, and the last thing you want is to find you self  and your voice lost in opinions.

Of course no man is an island therefore we are always surrounded by friends and family who may think they knows us , but no man knows you better than you know your self, so Yes, friends may give you ideas about what you like and who you are, but it is very important to know that at the end of the day you have the last opinion about who are even if it will take making mistakes.

I remember back in 2012 when I had to choose my major course to study at the University, I had made up my mind about studying Communications and I was happy about it, ready for schools to open until I met with a lady from my high school who asked me what I was going to study, and immediately when I uttered ‘Communications’ she gave me a wide eyed face, and said there’s no way you can study that, you are too shy for the course and that day I doubted my self because indeed I am a shy person naturally, so I thought she was right by what she said, and  I remember going to my friend asking her if I should change my course and she said yes, and she suggested I should choose Psychology since I was a quiet person. I was in the most confused time of my life because deep down  I knew I loved Communications and Media, was ready and happy to go to school, but there were people who thought I would not do it. But I thank God for my late dad, because he encouraged me to do what my heart wants no matter what people say, and I went and did what my heart told me, and three years later I haD my Communication degree, and till today I still have no regrets. So long story short, it is very easy to get lost in what people think you love,  so make sure that you always let your voice be your last opinion. The best thing about your passion and  purpose is that you wake up happy every morning to do what you love, your passion is organic, it is not forced, it can not be taken away from you. And it fulfills you, so make sure you don’t lose out on that through people’s opinions.



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  1. Wise Words..Thank you!!!


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